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|| आयुर्वेदो: अमृतानाम् ||

The group had a humble beginning over 50 years ago when our founder Ayurvedacharya Vaidya Badri Prasad Ji started production of some highly effective herbal products which was a synthesis of his years of research and study of ancient Indian traditional texts of Ayurveda blended with his experience in practicing this system which is based on the harmonious relationship between nature and humans.

We feel proud that the seed our founder had sown in small premises in the city of Jaipur (the famous Pink City) in India has now grown into a huge tree in the form of Maharshi Badri Group consisting of multiple entities involved in manufacturing classical Ayurvedic medicines and patented Ayurvedic formulations based on methodical research under experienced practitioners. The group has established itself as a synonym of quality and efficacy under the able leadership of our current CMD Mr. Sanjay Jalandhra – son of our founder and himself a scholar of Ayurveda. Since taking charge of the group in 1997, his mission has always been to combine the knowledge of our forefathers with most modern technology be it in manufacturing, distributing or dispensing. He is a visionary with a global mindset and firm traditional roots.

During the course of our journey and with advent of modern cosmetics based on synthetic compounds/chemicals, Mr. Jalandhra challenged himself and his team to go back to the traditional Indian knowledge system to see how we can bring out a solution for the modern needs of mankind. As expected, our core philosophy that nature has given us everything for all our needs of all times didn’t disappoint us and we were able to come up with formulations for almost everything one needs for day-to-day life and combine them with modern technology.We are pleased that our manufacturing portfolio now comprises of 3085 and growing Ayurvedic products and hundreds of other organic or herbal, natural consumer and food products across following categories:

1) Foodstuff like juices, beverages, jams, confectionary

2) Nutraceuticals

3) Beauty care products with following sub-categories

4) Skin care

5) Hair care

6) Tooth and gum care

7) Vitality products

8) Organic spices, grains, etc.

“Best medical treatment”.These are:

* It should have the best preventive measures for diseases by way of mental, personal and public hygiene.

* It should eradicate the disease from its root and should not allow any relapse and recurrence.

* The drug should cure the disease as quickly as possible but should never cause any side – effects, toxic effects or complications.

Current status

Mr. Sanjay Jalandhra, S/O Vaidhya Badri Prasad (Ayurvedacharya) took the ownership of the company in the year 1997. Ever since the Company’s inception, it has focused on developing safe, natural and innovative remedies that will help people lead a richer and healthier life. Maharshi Badri Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to providing the highest quality and consistency in herbal care. It has the widest range of products in India.

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