Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

By accessing Maharshi Badri’s website, you agree that you have read and accepted all the terms and conditions of this website. In case you disagree with the terms and conditions mentioned on this page, you must not subscribe or use our services.

Account details and password security: During registration, user will be asked to set password and account information. It will be user’s responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of the password and other information.User will be the only responsible person for all activities happening under that account. In case of any uncertain and unauthorised activity, user will be required to immediately report about the problem to us.

Privacy Policy: This website facilitates the transaction of Ayurvedic products. Users might need to fill in some personal information and share data with us. Your use of the website and sharing information with us will be considered as permission that you are allowing us to use, store and share that information with Group affiliates. We do not share user’s personal data publically and maintain user’s privacy.

By accessing Maharshi Badri website, you indicate acceptance of our privacy policy.

Payment: User agrees that all information related to Debit card and Credit card is correct and misleading is done. User shall be the lawful owner of provided debit card or credit card information. Minors between age 13 years to 18 years must access the website under parental supervision and their parents shall make all the payments.

User access: User shall accept the condition that no data from website is allowed to copy, re-engineer, modify, transmit, display, download. No unwarranted modification of website data is permitted.

User conduct and rules: By using the website, user accepts the terms and conditions that he or she will not upload, post or publish any kind of content that generates negative image of our company.

Intake of medicines: It is recommended to take medicines as prescribed by Doctor and not without doctor’s advice. Any medicine’s effect depends upon the type and seriousness of the disease. Same applies with the medicines of Maharshi Badri. Other aspects that define the aspects of medicines are patients’ weight, patients’ health, etc.

In case of side effects of medicines, those might be eligible for return. But the valid receipt and bill of purchase of medicine from retailer is mandatory. In case of any side effect of medicines, the company i.e. Maharshi Badri is not responsible.

Any medicine or tonic must be returned in 7 days and must not be in broken condition. Also the seal should not be damaged. If such case is there, a medicine or tonic will not be eligible for return and customer cannot blame the brand for such cases. Though we always welcome suggestions and advices from your end.

Quantity of all medicines is given for age group of 16 to 65 only. Patients with more or less age, should take doctor’s advice before intake. Kindly follow all instructions and dietries instructed on medicine wrapper and instructed by Doctor.