Ayurvedic Treatment for Piles


1.Ayurvedic remedies for Piles

Piles are both painful and an embarrassing condition for most people. This disease is often regarded as hemorrhoids, in which the veins at the lower end of the rectum are enlarged. When the pressure rises, veins are inflamed or may become sensitive. In some cases, they may burst and cause rectal bleeding.

2.Ayurvedic remedies for Piles

This is a very painful condition that may turn into a full-fledged infection if ignored. Piles are most commonly found in middle-aged and older people, and people who experience constipation very often.


3.Types of Piles

There are two main types of Piles which are known according to their location – internal or external. Internal piles, located near the anal region are hidden and therefore, cannot be felt and painless. They are not visible to the naked eye but can get inflamed and lead to bleeding. External piles, located on the outer side of the rectum are visible and also painful.


4.Ayurveda Treatment of Piles

Ayurveda offers many remedies for piles, which has shown promising results. There are different ways Ayurvedic treatment can be used for piles. This includes lifestyle, diet, medication, herbal supplements, exercise and even massage.


Since constipation is one of the prime causes of piles, most of the Ayurvedic treatment is focused on ensuring good digestive health. However, if the patients are already suffering from painful piles, Ayurvedic treatment focuses on treating the symptoms and improving their quality of life.

Haritaki and Jimikand are two important herbs generally used for the treatment of piles. These herbs help to balance your digestive system. As per Ayurveda texts, you must have a balanced diet permanently for effective treatment of piles. This would include changes such as –

Avoid starchy foods such as colocasia, potato, and yellow pumpkin, and replace it with a fiber-focused diet. Mango and sesame seeds can be added to your diet to prevent constipation. • You can eat fruits such as Amalaki, jambul, dried figs, and papaya as these are all natural stool softeners • Apply some creams (as guided by the experts) on the concerned area that contain extracts of Marigold.

Take 1 tablespoon of Triphala with water during your bedtime. This is one of the best treatments for Piles • You can also have dried ginger or sonth to cure the piles • Another useful ingredient is Abhayarista, which is an important measure to prevent constipation and aciditys.

5.You may also have to bring changes to your lifestyle

A colon cleanse can be really helpful, once in a while • Regular exercise is very necessary. In addition to this, one must also focus on having a normal and healthy sex life. Excessive or abnormal sex can also lead to aggravating piles.

One should avoid sitting for long periods and use only soft, cushioned seats. Drink lots of water to keep your stools soft and prevent constipation. • Use Cypress and Juniper in your bath The biggest advantage of Ayurvedic treatment of piles is that it saves you from surgery and treats the symptoms and condition naturally.

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