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Welcome to Maharshi Badri Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd.

Why Ayurveda?

Man is a precious creature on earth. He is naturally entitled to the best medical treatment available for the preservation and fortification of his health and eradication of his disease. Therefore the history of medicine is as old as the history of mankind. Traditional systems of medicine developed in various parts of the world during different ages. A systematic shape was given to them in different ancient centre of civilization and culture. These traditional systems are based on rational and sound fundamental principles. System of medicine fulfilling the following conditions could be considered as the “Best medical treatment”.These are:

1. It should have the best preventive measures for diseases by way of mental, personal and public hygiene.
2. It should eradicate the disease from its root and should not allow any relapse and recurrence.
3. The drug should cure the disease as quickly as possible but should never cause any side – effects, toxic effects or complications.

Unfortunately no system of medicine prevalent and practiced in the world today fully fulfill the above condition and that is why the wise physicians of the world favor integration of all medical systems assimilating the best from all and develop a world medicine for all.